10 Best Hedges for All-Year Round for Your House in Ontario

A good-looking hedge can really make your yard pop! It gives you privacy and makes your outdoor area look nice and organized. In Ontario, where the weather can change a lot, it’s important to pick the right plants for your hedge so it stays pretty all year round. Whether you want green bushes in the summer or colourful ones in the fall, there are lots of choices. Check out these top 10 hedges that will keep your Ontario home looking beautiful no matter the season!

Best Hedges for All-Year Round for Your House in Ontario
1. Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis):

The Eastern White Cedar is a tough and flexible plant that many people like to grow in Ontario gardens. It has lots of leaves that stay green all year, making it perfect for hiding your yard from neighbours. Plus, it can handle different kinds of soil, so you don’t have to work too hard to take care of it.

The Eastern White Cedar is great for Ontario gardens because it stays green all year, giving you privacy. It’s easy to care for because it can grow in different kinds of soil.

2. Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis):

The Canadian Hemlock is a lovely tree with soft, dark green needles on its branches. It grows well in spots with not too much sunlight, which is great for shady areas. Because it’s so pretty and tough, people in Ontario like to use it as a hedge in their yards.

The Canadian Hemlock is perfect for Ontario because it looks beautiful with its soft, dark green needles and can grow well in shady spots. It’s strong enough to handle tough winters, making it a top choice for hedges.

3. Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens):

People really like Boxwood because it’s so versatile and always looks good. It grows slowly and has dense leaves, which makes it perfect for making tidy hedges or fancy shapes. Whether you want it as a single plant or shaped into cool patterns, Boxwood makes any garden look fancy and organized.

Boxwood is a favorite for formal hedges because it’s easy to shape and looks classy. Its slow growth and dense leaves make it perfect for creating neat borders or fancy designs. It adds structure and elegance to any garden effortlessly.

4. Yew (Taxus spp.):

Yews are great for making neat hedges or fancy shapes because you can trim them easily. They stay green all year and have red berries in winter, adding color. Yews like soil that drains well and places with some shade, which suits Ontario’s weather perfectly.

Yews are perfect for Ontario because they’re easy to shape into hedges or designs. They stay green all year and even have red berries in winter, adding beauty. Yews like soil that drains well and places with some shade, which is just right for Ontario’s weather.

5. Privet (Ligustrum spp.):

Privet hedges are great for privacy because they grow fast and have thick leaves that stay all year. In Ontario, people often pick the Common Privet or Japanese Privet for their gardens. Trimming them regularly keeps them looking neat and encourages them to grow nicely. Privet hedges grow quickly and have thick leaves, giving good privacy all year.

In Ontario, the Common and Japanese Privet are popular choices for gardens. Regular trimming keeps them neat and encourages bushy growth, making them ideal for privacy and aesthetics.

6. Winterberry (Ilex verticillata):

If you want a hedge that stays pretty all year, Winterberry is a great pick. It grows red berries in the fall that last through winter, feeding animals and adding color to your yard. Winterberry likes wet, acidic soil and sun or a bit of shade.

Winterberry is a fantastic choice for a hedge because it stays beautiful even in winter. It grows red berries that stick around through the cold months, feeding animals and making your yard look festive. Plus, it’s happy in damp soil and sun or shade.

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7. Arrowwood Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum):

Arrowwood Viburnum is a great pick for hedges in Ontario because it has shiny leaves, pretty white flowers, and dark berries. Animals like it, and you don’t need to do much to take care of it. It grows well in different soils and can handle city life.

Arrowwood Viburnum is top for Ontario gardens as it’s easy to care for, attracts wildlife, and looks beautiful with glossy leaves, white flowers, and dark berries. It grows in many soils and handles city conditions well.

8. Holly (Ilex spp.):

Holly bushes are loved for their shiny green leaves and red berries, perfect for winter decorations. Some kinds need both boy and girl bushes for berries, but others, like ‘Blue Princess’ and ‘Blue Prince,’ can make berries alone. They like soil that drains well and sunshine or a bit of shade.

Holly bushes are great for winter because they have shiny leaves and red berries, making them festive. Some types make berries on their own, like ‘Blue Princess’ and ‘Blue Prince.’ They grow well in soil that drains water easily and in sunny or partly shady spots.

9. Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.):

Serviceberries, or Juneberries, are loved for their pretty white flowers in spring, tasty berries, and colorful leaves in fall. You can plant them as hedges or make them into little trees in your Ontario garden. They like soil that’s a bit wet and sunny or partly shady spots.

Serviceberries, also called Juneberries, are great for Ontario gardens because they have beautiful flowers in spring, yummy berries in summer, and colorful leaves in fall. You can plant them as hedges or small trees, and they like soil that’s moist and sunny or partly shady.

10. Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus):

Cherry Laurel is a great plant for Ontario because it has lots of leaves, smells nice with its white flowers, and can handle city life. It’s always green and makes good privacy hedges or wind barriers. Just put it in soil that drains well and where it gets some sunlight.

Cherry Laurel is awesome for Ontario because it’s green all year, smells good, and can handle city living. It makes perfect privacy hedges and wind blockers, adding beauty to any yard. Just give it some well-draining soil and a bit of sunlight.


When you’re planning your hedge, think about how it will look with the rest of your yard, like trees, flower beds, and paths. When choosing hedges for your Ontario garden all year round, think about soil, sun, and upkeep. Boxwood and Yew are good for neat, low-maintenance hedges. Winterberry and Serviceberry attract wildlife and add color. Mix different hedges to match your garden’s look and change with the seasons. Furthermore, mixing different hedge plants can make your yard look interesting all year. Taking good care of your hedge by watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning will keep it healthy and looking nice.

To make your outdoor area beautiful all year, try these top 10 hedges. Find them at The Planting Guys for the best plants that love Ontario’s weather. We’ve got lots of trees for sale to help you turn your yard into a lush paradise, anytime!